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Q&A: Watching Out For a Teenager

Photo a day project: February 2006

(Photo credit: Jenny Lee Silver)

QUESTION: I’m taking care of a teenage daughter in Tibet and I can see that she is starting to get a lot of attention from men. I’m concerned that she might get pregnant or have some problem instead of focusing on improving her life. It’s difficult to get birth control here and I’m not really comfortable talking about these things with her. How can I best protect her from early pregnancy and diseases?

ANSWER: With a teenager, if you just say “don’t do this, don’t do that” she will become even more curious. Even though Tibetans think any sex before marriage isn’t okay, don’t expect you can totally control her and stop anything from happening. It’s better to teach her to be a responsible person and how to make good decisions herself. If you aren’t comfortable talking to her about this issue, you should choose an older woman in the village to talk with her and be available when she has questions or wants advice. You can also give her birth control through this person.


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  1. This mom could also talk with her daughter without saying “don’t do this.” Kids love knowing their parents as people and not only an authority in their life. Maybe it would be nice for the mom to share her personal experiences with her daughter. Maybe she can tell her daughter about you, Kunsang.

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