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Video Footage from Tibetan Reception Center in Nepal


I was really excited that someone sent me this video of the reception center in Nepal. I recognize several people in the video, including members of the group I crossed the mountains with. Looking back, it’s very sad so many people problems with their feet. Watching the video, I can see how poor and crowded we were, we were so hungry, people fought to get back in line for a second bowl of food. But we were so happy to get there, we were happy to be safe and have something to eat. Memories like that are unforgettable. I really appreciate that someone took this video so we can look back on our past.


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  1. Birgit says:

    For me this video also recalled memories since I have been visiting this reception center in Winter 2005 in preparation of my book: “Child Exodus from Tibet” see my website : http://www.lightonrights.com/index.php/en/booksandlooks-en/books-en/exodus-en

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