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A Place for Controversy


540693929_63acd4b17e_mFor some reason, since the publication of my essay responding to criticism of women’s equality last summer, I can’t get any response from Phayul anymore. Not at all. The last few articles and a book review were never accepted or rejected, only silence. I spoke with another women awhile ago who was having a similar problem. It seems like Tibetan news doesn’t want to talk about complicated issues. They want to pick out what is okay to say or not, and also cry for freedom. What freedom do we have if we have censorship? We should be better than China, not copying it. We should expect, and demand, true democracy from our exile government and from our media. Anything less fails to live up to our ideals. This is not a very big website, but if anyone has controversial opinions they would like to share and can’t find a platform, I would be willing to feature their views here. Healthy debate is necessary for our society to grow and improve, if people are wrong we need to explain the reasons why, not silence them.


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